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Currently, Andrea is an Executive Producer at Hi-Rez Studios, where she is supervising and leading the operations of the Centralized Audio, Art, Tech Art/Tools, Outsourcing, Production teams. 

Previously, she was the Audio Director at Hi-Rez Studios for all of their games - Rogue Company, Smite, Paladins, and unannounced projects. She provides high level direction as well as hands-on audio support, leads and manages the audio team, and handles all things related to music, sound design, VO, and audio as a whole for all the games and cinematics at Hi-Rez. 

In the past, Andrea has worked as a Senior Sound Designer at Microsoft, supporting audio for HoloLens and Windows experiences on the Central Audio Team. While in this role, she sound designed, composed music, and implemented audio for AR and VR environments as well as across various platforms and devices such as the HoloLens, VR headsets, IoT devices, among others. She also worked on designing audio prototypes to drive innovation across the organization.

Before joining Microsoft's Central Audio team, she was the Audio Lead on the HoloLens App, "Actiongram," featuring collaborations with George Takei, Warcraft, Hello Kitty, among others. She provided sound design, music composition, and audio implementation for the holographic assets inside the app as well as cleaning up and implementing VO recordings. Andrea also worked closely with the HoloLens platform team to test out and improve the microphone capabilities for mixed reality captures as well as managed any outsourced audio vendors.

Andrea also has worked at Electronic Arts (EA) as an in-house sound designer on their eSports Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game, “Dawngate.” She worked on all aspects of audio including the sound design kit for each character’s abilities, the voice over recording sessions, the VO post production (editing/VO processing/implementation), music composition of in-game music as well as scoring music for the e-sports competitions and trailers, and implementation of all the audio. She has also worked as an audio designer in the games industry for Tencent America, Wavedash Games, Airy Labs, and a plethora of social game companies such as RockYou, Booyah, Digital Chocolate, among others.

She has also freelanced as a film sound effects editor and composer. Film scoring credits include films featuring George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Michael J. Fox, Harrison Ford, Alice Cooper, Guillermo del Toro, and Hailee Steinfeld. As a film sound effects editor, she has worked on feature films featuring Alexis Bledel, Juno Temple, and Michael Angarano.

Andrea is a graduate of the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, where she gained experience engineering sessions for various bands and artists, recording and mixing on large board consoles such as the SSL and API Legacy Plus. She is also certified in Pro Tools, Logic, Autotune, Melodyne, the Roland V-Mixer, and many others. She has a dual B.A. degree in Music Composition and Music Education from UCLA and is an alumni of USC’s prestigious Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television Program where she received the 2009 Phil Marshall Award for her merit in film composition.

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