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         ~  ComposeR  ~  sound designer  ~  Audio Engineer ~ 

“Andrea loves movies and is deeply committed to a life and career in writing film music. She is enthusiastic in her work, passionate about her music, and totally dependable in any studio situation. Besides all these good things, it is also a pleasure to report that she is a good person, a most attractive human being. She is one of the most promising young musicians that I have ever had the privilege of working with. I recommend her highly without the slightest reservation. You will love her! ”
-Paul  Chihara (Film/TV/Classical Composer, UCLA Professor of Music Composition)

“Andrea is an exceptionally talented and diligent composer. She generously scored the music for a thesis video game, creating original loops, jingles, and one shots. Her music is the highlight of the thesis. Her rendition of a popular children's song is better than any other version of that song I've heard. And she executed her work with delight.”

-Ethan Kennerly (game designer for Runesinger,
IGF 2010 Honorable Mention,
fine game design) 

“Andrea Chang is an outstanding game music composer. This woman is EXCELLENT!”

-Mike Zyda (Director of USC Gamepipe Laboratory, Professor of Engineering Practice in the USC Department of Computer Science)

“Andrea wrote the music for my experimental game Pluff, and she was a dream to work with.  Quick turnaround, responded well to notes and suggestions, and the final product was exactly what I wanted.  I'd definitely recommend her in the future!”

                                        -Diana Hughes  (Game Designer for Pluff)

“Andrea Chang has a really fast turnover rate that carries fantastic work which emulates her talent and skill as a composer. I'm really happy to have her on my team. She alone adds to the quality of any game she touches. Anyone who has her working on their game is both fortunate and extremely lucky to have such a rare talent composing their music.”

  -Celeste McWhorter  (CEO of Gamedar LLC)

“The moment I heard her music, I knew her heart.  Andrea is a joy to work with, and brings a wealth of expressivity and understanding to any project.”

-John E. Guernsey, (Film Director and Sound Designer)

“Andrea has an uncanny ability to take what you have imagined and make it a reality. She is professional in every sense of the word, and her talent is unmatched. She was dedicated to the project, and delivered the most beautiful pieces of music.”
-Christopher Baggio (Game Designer for Wars of Celestae)

“Andrea is a master of many different styles, moods, and genres of music, and she also has a keen understanding of what makes the marriage of music and picture work.  She is a terrific collaborator.”

  -Bryan Tuck (Editor, Heather: A Fairy Tale and Semi-Dead)

“I worked with Andrea for the last two years at Easley-Dunn Productions and was thrilled at the amount of work she was able to turn in and the styles she was able to assimilate into her original tracks. She has an exhaustive knowledge of musical genres and an incredibly fast turnaround for songwriting. Andrea is an absolutely top-shelf composer for both in-game and cinematic scores. She does more than add music to a video game project -- she brings them to life.”

                      -Scott Easley (Associate Director of USC Gamepipe Labs)

“Andrea Chang is the #1 composer of the summer!" If you want music - make sure it's Chang!"

  -Chris Wiltz  (Writer/Creator of Semi-Dead)

“Andrea Chang is not only an impressive musician, but a fantastic person to work with. She's professional, accessible, and easy to talk to and understood our needs. Most of all, she created some amazing music that perfectly fit our game!”

-Keith Lee  (CEO & Co-Founder of Booyah, Lead Producer for Blizzard’s Diablo III franchise)

"A good percentage of our fan mail specifically mentions how much they love Andrea's music.  Her music is varied, and she gets involved to make sure the music matches the feel of the gameplay."

- Kepa Auwae (Rocketcat Games, creator of FART PANIC! for the iPhone)

“I was really delighted by Andrea's brilliant work, professional attitude and quick response. In the end, the audio in the game was really satisfying and I was very grateful that I had her on my team. Andrea will be an invaluable addition to any team lucky enough to get her.”

-Hua Chen  (Game Designer for Eyez: Lingering Images)

All music © Andrea Chang 2007-2012

“Andrea is a talented musician and composer, who sent me a sample CD of her work - I was dazzled. In making my first film, I wanted original music, and I chose Andrea over other musicians. She was prompt, involved, eager, and most of all, supremely talented. In fact, I was so pleased with her score....that I recommended her to another filmmaker for the scoring of another film and to a playwright for a musical. These two colleagues are also deeply impressed with Andrea’s maturity, sensitivity to subject, and utterly professional attitude. Without reservation, I recommend her...she will prove a feather in your cap, I’m certain of it. ”

                       -Cecilia Fannon (Playwright/Screenwriter, UCLA MFA ‘04)

“ Andrea has been a great sound designer for us and I’m exceedingly happy with what she delivered. I look forward to working with her again soon."                      

-Jason Schaefer (Assistant Producer at Digital Chocolate)

“Andrea is one of the most gifted composers I have ever met. She combines natural talent with excellent training, a solid work ethic and a growing portfolio of outstanding compositions. I believe she will be a name composer of the future, and I will brag to my friends that I know her!"

  -John Berry  (Composer/Arranger/Educator )

“As one of Andrea's instructors at the Conservatory of Recording Arts, I repeatedly saw her exceed her limitations, stretching her skill levels to new highs. I have complete confidence that she will be successful and a benefit to any audio workplace she may be associated with.”
-Kevin Becka (Director of Education, Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences
Technical Editor, Mix Magazine)

"Andrea has that coveted combination of incredible creativity and musicality coupled with technical ability, drive and work ethic. While she's already accomplished so much, there's no question that for her, this is only the beginning!"

  -Robert Brock

(Digital Dept. Director - Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences

Mentor Trainer - Apple Logic Pro)